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Greek Web Radios . Windows Sidebar Gadget.

by on Jan.17, 2011, under Programs

Yeah yeah yeah. I know ! I ‘ve slacked a lot lately . Being running a lot with some projects building in the background (more info soon) , so i couldn’t find the time to post here. So , here is a little treat for you and your ears. Come on . You love me now . I can feel it. 😛

Back to our point. This here is a little Windows Sidebar Gadget ( usable under Windows Vista , 7  or any other release with god knows what software) . I have found this over the net as i was roaming around . I immediately gave it a go since i really enjoy listening to the radio as i do stuff. Originally written by Tsintzilonis Argirios ( props mate) ,it turned out to be a really nice way to tune in to the Greek Local stations . Non the less the problems started to come out after some days, since the interface was a bit user-unfriendly and you had to prepare for a campaign in order to change the Radio Station you were listening to . On a side note the Radio Stations that were in the application were not of my liking .

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Is this a table or is it a rainbow? Oh.. its a Rainbow Table! Wait.. What?!?!

by on Jan.17, 2011, under Hacking

Well the picture is another angle to approach the matter. The real thing thought is far away from what this image shows.

Rainbow tables are a Time – Memory trade-off mechanism which is used in order to crack hashes or other cryptographic functions faster. As with everything in this forsaken world there are always some pros and cons in the use of this method. The spectrum of uses for this method is quite broad . It is for example used to crack SHA-1 ( used by WPA ) , WEP encryption and nearly everything else that incorporates hash functions, except those hashes  that are “salted” ( not the nomnomnom salt though) .

Here is a brief presentation that i have demonstrated at my University that covers the very fundamentals of the use and mechanics of the Rainbow Tables .

Download Rainbow Tables Presentation

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A Brand New Beginning

by on Nov.22, 2010, under General

Well… hello everyone, and because i couldn’t find any appropriate Lolcat , i greet you with a … “Loldog” i guess.

With this blog i ll try to present you with cool ideas of how to mod , hack , or even build your own dream machines and also hack or exploit other machines ( always for good reasons , e.g. penetration testing ) . Also from time to time i ll present you with useful programs to make your life easier.

So stick with me as we start this journey into technolust and let’s hope we don’t have a bumpy ride .

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